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The 2022 LegalInnovation conference will take place on 30 August 2022 in Zurich at the Technopark. The conference is intended for Swiss law firms, in-house legal departments, lawyers and students, magistrates, judges, notaries and scholars.

We will focus on the changing conditions of the legal industry in Switzerland through a series of practice-oriented presentations. We aim to provide you with clear, practical and actionable advice that will help you innovate and future-proof your practice or research.

LegalInnovation is hosted by the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) in cooperation with the Swiss Bar Association (SAV/FSA/SBA), with the precious support of our partners and sponsors Coop Rechtsschutz and Niederer Kraft Frey.

SLTA is a neutral, nonprofit association which offers a framework for the Swiss legal industry to create value together and for all actors of the industry. We provide support to the legal industry by helping to understand legal technology and new opportunities for the industry.

you should attend

This is the largest conference in Switzerland discussing trends in the legal market, new technologies, business models and showcasing software providers. The Conference will take place in Zurich and be held in German, English and French. On 29 August at 20:00, we will host a cocktail get-together. More details when you register.

The 2022

This is the second edition of Switzerland’s largest conference on the modernization of the legal industry.

We are an innovation conference and not a future conference. We provide you with pragmatic approaches to how you can innovate your law firm or in-house legal departments. AI and Machine Learning are coming; the foundation for this must be laid now. We will discuss how. To access the presentations from LegalInnovation 2020, connect to our Youtube channel and our LinkedIn group.

In 2022, the LegalInnovation conference brings together lawyers and legal professionals from law firms and legal departments, COO’s, managing partners, LegalTech specialists, legal operations experts, representatives from universities, founders of LegalTech start-ups and representatives of well-known industry solutions. Be part of this important conference and share your view on the future of the legal profession with others. (photo: Electrochoc numérique 2, co-organized by SLTA)

and Participate

Do you wish to be part of our sponsors or promote your legal technology solution? You can apply for an on-stage speech in 2022 or a physical presentation in 2022. You can also send us a presentation of your LegalTech software to distribute on our:

During the 2022 edition, we will notably discuss : Legal Transformation; AI and the progress of automation; Legal services to in-house counsels; Legal design and improving deliverables for customers; Cloud services and regulation; Cyber security; Using court data.

The presentations will be delivered in various formats: Keynote, Speech, Discussion and Panel Discussion.

(photo: Über den sicheren Umgang mit unseren Daten, organized by SLTA)

Meet the

SLTA is committed to our members and aims to digitally connect industry leaders and active practitioners to help accelerate innovation, drive development and increase the attractivity of the Swiss legal market place.

(photo: Information Security for Lawyers, organized by SLTA)

What can you expect
at the LegalInnovation conference?

Knowledge of efficient IT

Knowledge of efficient IT infrastructures in law firms and in house legal departments

Possibilities and opportunities : positioning your law firm and client acquisition

Overview of the technologies used by lawyers to optimize their work

Thought leadership and insights by top industry professionals

Development of client friendly solutions and new business models to better advise clients

Insights from developments abroad in the legal industry

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful for the support of our sponsor, who make it possible for us to offer you this first major event about the future of the legal profession. We, at the Swiss LegalTech Association, are strongly committed to modernizing the legal industry. As with all such undertakings, it will take time, dedication and many efforts.

The support shown by our sponsors allows us to raise awareness, conduct research and share information about the best practices, the available technology and how to reorganize for the digital era. It then allows us to compile this research and share it with the community.

If you would also like to become a sponsor and support the Swiss LegalTech Association’s effort to bring the legal community together, conduct research and help actors of the legal market successfully transition to the digital era, please click the link below!